Flowertown Festival, Cooper River Bridge Run and the Family Circle Cup

Which will you attend? The Flowertown Festival (aka Azalea Festival), the Family Circle Cup or the Cooper River Bridge Run?

This is a BIG weekend for the Charleston SC area. Hopefully, it won’t be too rainy, and all of the events will be successful with no major problems.

Think about the sheer number of people coming to our area.  We have the Family Circle Cup Tennis Tournament, the Cooper River Bridge Run and the Azalea Festival all going at the same time.  Here is a short video on the Azalea Festival.

I always enjoy attending the Flowertown Festival.  The Summerville YMCA does such a good job at putting this on.  I know that the planning and coordinating must be a bear to get through, but the result is always fantastic.  Thanks in advance to all of the coordinators, volunteers, public servants (police, fire, and medical), participants, vendors and attendees.

charleston springWe are very proud to call Charleston (Summerville, more specifically) our home. We live in an area that has such a rich and interesting history, beautiful gardens and parks, warm and friendly people, and great restaurants and culture.

Staci and I may make Sunday our Day-cation. It will be nice to get out of the house, and enjoy the weather. It is always nice to wander through the booths at the Flowertown Festival, and to bump into a old friend or two. (I may have to wear a mask to keep some of the pollen away, but that is ok.)

This would be a great weekend to get together with family, friends and loved ones and enjoy each other’s company.

(Before you head out, check those AC filters if you didn’t on the April 1st.  If they are dirty, change them with new ones.)

Here is to wishing you a wonderful weekend!