Daniel Island Heating and Air Fix Completed by Arctic Air Inc.

Arctic Air Inc. was contacted by an old handyman in Daniel Island. The handyman had moved into a small house to retire. He tried to fix the furnace himself when it seemed to be malfunctioning, but it was a new model that he had no experience with. He called us, because he knew we are the top company for heating and air in Daniel Island. We let him know that we would be able to come out that very same afternoon, which pleased the retired man.

The Arctic Air Inc. heating and air specialists arrived at the Daniel Island home and the homeowner showed us the furnace. Our HVAC professionals took a look at the furnace and we were able to fix the furnace quickly for the homeowner as it was just an issue with the thermostat, which is a common problem that can occur. We showed the homeowner how to use the furnace and he was very grateful for our services. The handyman said that he is pretty good at fixing things, but when he looked at the newer furnace he had no idea what to do. He said that is when he knew that he needed a professional heating and air company to come out and look it over. He said that Arctic Air Inc. is that professional heating and air company Daniel Island homeowners can depend on for all their heating needs, especially when it is as simple as just a new thermostat.