Daniel Island Attorneys Get Some Relief From The Heat!

Daniel Island Attorneys Get Some Relief From The Heat!

This week, it looks like we are going to get some mild weather, however, last week, it was super hot!

I got a call from a local corporate attorney last Wednesday stating that his air conditioner was out. He, his wife and 3 children live in a 3 story home, and the ac that went out. This particular ac unit cools the top 2 floors. He wanted to meet as soon as possible. I was able to meet him at his home at 4 in the afternoon that Wednesday.

After surveying the job, we sat down and discussed all of his options. We discussed Arctic Air, what SEER rating means, what the SEER rating means to him, and what system would work best for his family. This is a lot of information to digest, and he wanted to get a quote from another company.

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Arctic Air delivers a portable ac to help cool local Daniel Island family’s home.

I told him that I would come back to Summerville and pick up a portable ac unit to help cool his son’s room. After fighting the rush hour traffic, I headed back to install the temporary Daniel Island air conditioning unit. Of course when I arrived again, the big question was… “When can you do this job?” I told his wife (also an attorney), that we could install the unit on Friday. They were very happy with that answer.

On Thursday, I got the call.  Yes, we would like Arctic Air to install the unit that we discussed. “What time will you be here?”, he asked.  I told him 7am, and I proceeded to get everything together that we needed for a successful installation.

By the end of the day Friday, this family had a new ac pumping out cold air.

I followed up with them on Monday, and they were very happy and comfortable. Life as they once knew it has been restored.

Another quality installation by Arctic Air. In addition to the installation, we will be performing regular preventive maintenance on this and the other units at this home.