Commercial Refrigeration Repair Saves Moncks Corner, SC Restaurant

In the heart of Moncks Corner, SC, Arctic Air Inc. swiftly rescued a local restaurant facing a critical issue – a broken-down walk-in freezer. Because of our reputation in South Carolina for quick, cost-effective AC and refrigeration servicing, this restaurant reached out to our trusted commercial refrigeration repair specialists for a comprehensive solution, and they needed it before any product spoiled!

Arctic Air’s Expert Commercial Refrigeration Repair Saves the Day

The Moncks Corner, SC restaurant’s emergency service involved replacing the walk-in freezer’s indoor and outdoor cooling equipment. Restaurant owners may think the entire unit is shot, but parts in the cooling system can be replaced and the entire system repaired for a fraction of the replacement cost. The outdoor freestanding freezer unit at the Moncks Corner restaurant was quickly cooled back down after we replaced outdoor cooling equipment and indoor parts, including fans.

At Arctic Air Inc., we understand the unique demands of commercial walk-in freezers and fridges. Walk-in cooler units, designed specifically for outdoor use, are engineered to withstand the elements while maintaining efficiency. With an average lifespan of 15 years, these units can be replaced without needing an entire walk-in unit installation.

When refrigeration systems face issues, various components may be the culprits. Condenser coils and evaporators, prone to corrosion, might need replacement. Failed fan motors or entire units can be efficiently replaced, ensuring minimal downtime for businesses.

Investing in professional freezer repair not only resolves immediate issues but also extends the lifespan of the equipment. Property owners benefit from enhanced efficiency, reduced energy costs, and the assurance of a well-functioning cooling system.

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For businesses from Moncks Corner to Charleston, South Carolina, Arctic Air Inc. is the go-to for reliable commercial refrigeration repair services. Our expertise extends to comprehensive heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions. Whether it’s repairs, installations, or ongoing maintenance, Arctic Air Inc. is committed to providing tailored and reliable services that contribute to the functioning of your South Carolina business. Count on us to keep your commercial space comfortable and efficient.

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