Commercial HVAC Package Unit Cools Charleston, SC Pizza Restaurant

In the vibrant city of Charleston, SC, Arctic Air Inc., your trusted heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration specialists, recently took on a project for a local pizza restaurant. The establishment had heating and cooling issues, with their old AC and heater barely working. It was making everybody uncomfortable, from pizza makers to customers. They weren’t sure what to do, but one of our representatives presented them with an efficient solution: a commercial package unit.

Quality Commercial Package Unit HVAC Services in Charleston, SC: Arctic Air Inc. Cools Local Pizza Restaurant

The commercial HVAC package unit is a single machine that combines air conditioning and heating into a cohesive outdoor system. It was a great option for the Charleston restaurant, as their indoor space was filled with vital pizza-making equipment and spaces for customers to dine. A packaged HVAC unit is a space-efficient solution, combining multiple functions into one outdoor unit, often placed on the roof or side of a building. This configuration minimizes costs and maximizes outdoor space utilization, an essential consideration for many small businesses, especially restaurants.

commercial HVAC package unitOur commercial HVAC package unit service provides numerous benefits. These units boast energy efficiency, with higher SEER and HSPF ratios than other commercial HVAC systems. The one-unit design facilitates easy installation, making them more versatile and convenient. Reduced energy costs and shorter repair times contribute to overall cost-effectiveness for business owners. As a small business, the Charleston restaurant needed this economical option to cool down its space without spending more on utilities.

Also, commercial packaged rooftop air conditioning units offer enhanced ventilation options, including features like humidistats to improve indoor air quality. These advantages make them ideal for businesses seeking efficient, reliable heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions. Our Charleston client is thrilled with their new unit and impressed with how efficiently it keeps their employees and customers cool!


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For property owners in Charleston, SC, Arctic Air Inc. is the go-to choice for quality commercial package unit HVAC services. Experience the benefits of energy efficiency, easy installation, and reduced costs with a new unit in your South Carolina business.

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