Commercial AC Repair Saves Ladson, SC Business

Arctic Air Inc., South Carolina’s most reputable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company, recently tackled a crucial project for a commercial client in Ladson, SC. The business faced high utility bills, uneven temperatures, and hot spots. The property manager inspected their commercial AC unit and found a puddle of water underneath a duct! They did the right thing and promptly reached out to the experts.

Commercial AC Repair by Arctic Air Inc. Improves Ladson Business Comfort

Our skilled technician conducted a comprehensive inspection and identified deteriorating ductwork as the culprit. The old mastic paste sealing the ducts had degraded, causing air leakage. Leaks in a cooling system like this cause the unit to work less efficiently, creating warmer temperatures and higher energy costs. To remedy the situation, the technician cleaned up the old mastic and applied a durable spray foam sealant to the ducts. Additionally, they added insulation to enhance the cooling efficiency of the system.

Duct sealing services can really upgrade a commercial AC system. By effectively sealing leaks and gaps in the ductwork, spray foam helps optimize the efficiency of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. This eliminates hot and cold spots throughout the building and significantly reduces energy waste, resulting in lower utility bills for the business. We took it further by adding insulation to the commercial AC unit, enhancing cooling power by preventing heat transfer and reducing energy loss. This results in more efficient operation and extended lifespan, ultimately saving the business energy and money in the long run.

Regular maintenance and prompt repairs are essential for commercial property owners to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency of their heating and cooling systems. When facing heat or cooling problems, scheduling an AC system inspection to uncover underlying issues like duct leakage is crucial. Timely repairs restore comfort and prevent the need for costly system replacements in the future.

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