Are you considering a new air conditioner? 6 reasons to say yes!

Are you considering a new air conditioner?

6 Reasons to say YES!

Now, may be the right time!

(Bullet points are below if you don’t feel like reading…LOL.  A link to our specials is also below.)

I am sure that you are thinking…”Of course the AC company thinks now is the time for an ac replacement”. But there are actually a few good reasons to get your ac replaced now.

  1. The weather is nice right now. That means that when you get your ac replaced, you won’t be baking in your home while the work is being completed. Let’s face it, South Carolina can be down right HOT and MUGGY in the summer. What is worse is when you have invited people to your home for a celebration, a holiday, or to just get together, and the air conditioner goes out. Usually, it is on the weekend when rates are at an all time high.
  2. With the “trade” issues that are going on between the US and China, our manufacturers are already warning us of increases in equipment costs. Why, you might ask? METAL. We are being told that prices could increase between 8 – 10%. If you know you need an air conditioner replacement, don’t wait until the costs of the equipment go up.
  3. If you are a SCE&G Customer, the rebates have increased for certain energy efficient models. The rebates can range from $300 to $500 per unit that is replaced.

    Air Conditioning Rebates for SCE&G Customers

    Call for details on the SCE&G Rebates that are available.

  4. R-22 is at all time highs! What is R-22? It is a type of refrigerant that has been used for the last 30 – 40 years in air conditioners, heat pumps, and other “refrigeration”.  Why is it being phased out? The US Environmental Protection Agency has deemed that R-22 will become illegal in the United States on January 1, 2020. After this date, R-22 will not be able to be manufactured or imported into the United States. How does that effect you? R-22 used to be an inexpensive refrigerant. Now, the cost for a jug of R-22 is over $700 wholesale. The retail cost of R-22 is between $90 -$150+ per lb. Please remember that refrigerant doesn’t just evaporate; it either leaks out or it is let out. If your unit is “completely empty”, don’t “refill it” without repairing the leak (if that is even possible).
  5. More efficient units are available now! When you purchase an air conditioner or heat pump, in most cases, you are buying a unit with better efficiency than the older unit. With a higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER rating), your unit uses less electricity and you end up saving money on your electric bill. How much can it save? In some cases it can save as much as $100+ per month. Arctic Air can help you decide which SEER rating makes the most sense for you and your family.
  6. There are some great financing options available for those with approved credit. There are plans with 0% interest when paid in full by a designated time. There are other plans that are as low as 5.99%. We have financing options for those with “good” credit and “not-so good” credit. Please give Arctic Air a call to discuss the details, and how this type of financing can help you fit a new air conditioner into your budget.

If you just scrolled through and didn’t want to read the information, here are the bullet points.

  • WEATHER – You won’t bake while having your unit installed.
  • TRADE – Metal that is being imported into the US may have tariffs added. Prices may go up 8-10%.
  • SCE&G Rebates – Rebates have increased
  • R-22 – R-22 is being phased out and costs for it are outrageous.
  • Save $$$ – Save money on your electric bill with an energy efficient unit.
  • Financing – We have financing for those with good credit and “not-so good” credit

Please feel free to give us a call at 843-821-0937 to schedule your preventive maintenance, service call or free appointment for a replacement unit.


Thank you and we hope that you have a great day!

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