News Flash – Synchrony Bank offer 18 months “Same as Cash” Option

News Flash – Synchrony Bank offers 18 months “Same as Cash” option on ac systems and repairs.

Severely clogged coils!(Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see some interesting photos.)
Is your air conditioner on its last leg? Has the last leg already fallen off? Are you overpaying the electric company because your unit is not energy efficient? Are you wondering where you are going to get the money to pay for a new system?

Trust me, I know how you feel. Staci and I have a 9 year old Lennox unit in our home. We have tried to take good care of it over the years, but I know that it won’t be long before we hear the news.  “Mike and Staci, you need a new unit. It doesn’t make sense to keep putting money into this one.” Ugh.

On a personal level no one likes to hear that. And, when I go to see our customers, I don’t like giving them that news either.

Thankfully, Synchrony Bank, formerly GE Capital, has just sent us great news! They have changed two of their plans. Most of us hate change, but this is for the better. Synchrony Bank is now allowing us to offer 18 months “same as cash”. Before, we could only offer 12 month.  This is great news,  if you hate paying interest! Please call for details or visit our website.

North Charleston ACIn addition, Synchrony Bank has also reduced the monthly payments on the 7.99% interest. This simply means a more affordable payment each month over the lifetime of the loan. Please call for details or visit our website.

Synchrony Bank will usually approve credit for those with a 650 or higher credit score (this does not guarantee a loan, but is simply one of the criteria in the decision making process).

Finally, if your credit is less than stellar, I have another option for you also. My secondary company (not Synchrony Bank) will often approve customers with a 550 or higher. Again, this is just one of the criteria in getting a loan for your air conditioning and heating system. Many of my customers have been able to take advantage of this loan WITHOUT being “taken to the cleaners”. This is a great way to start building your credit score back up. We know and understand that bad things happen to good people. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask about this option. You are not alone.

Do you have questions about financing your equipment? Please call and set up a time to find a plan that is right for you and your family.

Oh yes, one other thing… What are your thoughts….?

Has Chuck gotten into the habit of sleeping on the job, or has he “Fallen and Can’t Get Up?”

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