What a weekend!

What a weekend! It was absolutely beautiful here in Summerville, SC.

sticky fingersOur company picnic was perfect! All of the planning that Staci did paid off. We had 4 different inflatable games for the younger ones. We had food catered by Sticky Fingers, Jo Lopez made her amazing banana pudding, and we had fruit and vegetable trays from Publix. Needless to say, no one should have left hungry.

All of the children that came were so well behaved and friendly. Mom’s and Dad’s, whatever you are doing, keep it up. Your children were so respectful and kind to each other. It really made for a wonderful day.

jump castle2 shoot out 2 wrecking ball2 wrecking ball3 shoot out




One thing is for sure, the games were extremely fun for all. The Wrecking Ball game was tons of fun. Each competitor would balance themselves on a rectangular platform (that was a workout in itself!). Then, the wrecking ball was suspended in the middle. The object was to throw the wrecking ball at the other competitors and knock them off of there platform.

In addition to the Wrecking Ball, there was a shooting game. The object of the game was to knock down the gate with these nerf style golf balls. This was a lot of fun!

For those who wanted to show off their basketball skills, we had hoops set up.

Finally, there was a standard jumping castle. I haven’t heard the reports yet, but I can imagine that the kids that played these games were wore out by the end of the day.

Thanks to John and Valarie for funding this event! A special thanks to Staci for planning this event! Any thanks to everyone else because you are a GREAT TEAM!

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