Time to Change your Air Filters!

Time to Change your Air Filters – Charleston SC!air filter air conditioning heating charleston sc

Hello Everyone,

Well, February is now here.  Time definitely flies! I just wanted to send out a friendly reminder….

Time to Change Your Air Filters.

I am hoping that you read this before you head out today.  If you don’t have filters on hand, be sure to pick some up at your local home improvements store.

While you are there, take a look at the different options that you have, and the different price ranges.  I tend to be cheap when it comes to disposable items, but I have now learned that “cheaper isn’t always better!” The same is true with air filters.

The air filter on your a/c-heater is a very important part of the system.  These filters help limit dust and debris from entering your duct work, and eventually, coming in contact with the internal parts of your unit.  These particles can potentially rob your unit of efficiency and cause an expensive breakdown.  This breakdown could result in a repair so expensive that it is cheaper to replace your system, resulting in an expense of thousands of dollars.

Let’s get back to the filters.  There are a few different types of filters on the market.  Here are basically 2 types of filters that I am going to talk about ( there are more but let’s keep this simple).

These filters are rated in the industry by MERV levels.  The higher the MERV rating, the better the filter is at trapping dirt, dust, allergens and debris.  I will do a post on MERV ratings in the future.

inexpensive air filterThe first is your basic “Inexpensive” Filter.  They usually are in a cardboard frame, blue or white in color.  These filters are make of something that looks like a heavy concentration of spider webs… and, you can see through them.  This is not one of my favorite filters because it let’s too many of the particles through… and hence, a very low MERV rating. Change these EVERY month without fail!

The second is a pleated filter. These filters are usually made out of a thicker white material.  These filters usually have a higher MERV rating that the basic “Inexpensive” filter. Staci and I have been using these in our home for as long as I can remember.  These filters are a little more expensive, but provide better trapping of those contaminants. Pleated filters can usually last a little longer than the “Inexpensive” filter, so I would recommend checking these at 45 days.  If they don’t look terrible, keep them in for a little longer.

In the pleated category, I have found what I call a “MacDaddy” filter.  There are two filters that I found at the local home improvement store that I shop at that I really like.  The first is made by 3M, the second is made by Purolator.

filtrete air filter3M makes the Filtrete line of air filters.  Basically, the higher the number the more allergens are trapped. The Filtrete 1900 is a 3 month filter. They also have two higher levels which are the Filtrete 2200 and 2400.

purolatorPurolator makes the Purofied line of air filters. The Purofied filter is a 6 month filter.

Please note with both of these filters, I recommend checking them each month just to be sure they are not clogged.  If they are getting dirty and clogged, change them more frequently.  If the air flow is not good, it can make your energy efficiency go way down, and potentially harm your system (ie, the compressor).

The reason I like this type of filter is because I suffer from allergies.  So, any extra contaminants that I can check at the filter, helps me.  How?  I don’t have to breath in as much of the irritants that cause me issues.  These filters are NOT cheap.  However, these filters do last longer, and the reduction of dust is amazing.

The second reason that I like these filters is because, I don’t like to dust! I am all for less frequent dusting.  How about you? Our glass tables used to get a good coat of dust on them in days.  Now, it takes a couple of weeks to get the same accumulation.  (Note: this was a scientific test, just a personal test and observation.)

So, whatever filter you choose to use, check them today.  If they are dirty, change them. This little bit of maintenance is far less expensive than potentially having to replace your entire system.

Have a GREAT weekend!