Thank You Veterans!

All of us at Arctic Air would like to say, “THANK YOU” to all of the Veterans that have served the United States of America!  We would also like to say, “THANK YOU” to their family members, who have also sacrificed for the greater good of the citizens of the United States.

167347052In my humble opinion, I believe that we live in one of the greatest nations of all time. Notice, I didn’t say a perfect nation, but nonetheless a GREAT NATION. This could not have been achieved without the men and women who serve. Thank YouVeterans!

Occasionally on Facebook (sometimes in person), I will see people going back and forth on political and other issues. It seems like blood pressures rise. Sometimes, the name calling begins. We begin to fight for the beliefs that each of us hold dear. Each side’s ultimate goal is to make the nation better. Most of us could use this advise… “God gave us two ears and one mouth.” The implication is that we listen twice as much as we speak.  Is this over simplified?  Yes. However, the bottom line is that we have the freedoms have been provided by those who have served. Thank You Veterans!

When I see a man or woman in uniform, I immediately think to myself, “Thank you for your service”. Sometimes, I get to tell them face to face.  Sometimes, it is not possible, but I still think it. Then, I think about what that particular soldier has seen. I begin to wonder about the nightmares that might plague their sleep, and the memories that might torture their days. I am overwhelmed by thankfulness.  How about you? Again, I say “Thank You Veterans!”

As I read back over what I have written, I wish there was something more that I could say or do. Thank you doesn’t seem like it says enough about how I feel. Then, the thought came to me… I can do something.  I need to be sure to let my political representatives know that we need to make sure that we are taking care of our Veterans with proper care. Whether that care is for physical needs, emotional needs, or even, their monetary needs (ie, jobs).

So, to sum up all of this…. THANK YOU VETERANS and YOUR FAMILIES!