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The skilled James Island Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors at Arctic Air Inc, provide HVAC, Commercial refrigeration and Air Conditioning Services to James Island. We offer residential and commercial services all while providing top quality service. We take great pride in satisfying our customers.  To make this a reality, our James Island heating & cooling company keeps it’s employees trained in all of the latest technology, design, functionality and service options in our industry. We are accredited with the better business bureau,  and are happy to answer any of your questions about heating, cooling or commercial refrigeration.

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Recently, a retiree contacted us for help with tasks involving HVAC in James Island. He had just fired up his heating to see if it worked and wasn’t able to turn it down. The retired man wanted to make sure his furnace was working properly before the colder months arrived. It was definitely a good thing that he tested it out, since now the furnace wouldn’t turn down. He called us in because he knew us to be an expert HVAC company, and has had us out to do several jobs for him over the years. We decided it was an urgent call and headed out immediately.

The James Island HVAC specialist was on their way.

When we arrived at the retired man’s home it was very, very warm when we went in. The home was so warm that it was almost hard to breathe. We were glad that the homeowner called us because the furnace would not stop running. At that rate his utility bill would have been outrageous, and it wasn’t healthy for him to continue breathing in such heat. after carefully shutting off the furnace manually, we looked at the thermostat and found out the problem immediately.

Our HVAC in James Island Helped stop this house from becoming way too hot!The thermostat was an outdated device, which we replaced with an easy to use digital model. Then we went to look over his heating unit just to make sure it was in good working order. We cleaned out the dust in the unit and put in a new filter, then we showed the homeowner how to operate the new thermostat. He was really happy that it was easy to understand and use.

When our technicians were all finished we let the homeowner know that his furnace was in great shape and we just cleaned it up a bit, then added the new furnace filter, and the only problem was the thermostat. The homeowner was very happy with our services and said he’d call us once he needed the old furnace to be replace. We told him we’ll be waiting!

The homeowner said that at the present time he couldn’t afford to have a new furnace installed and was he was just thrilled to know that the only thing wrong was the outdated thermostat. We let him know that we offer financing options that would allow him to get a new heating unit and he could pay affordable monthly payments. The homeowner seemed surprised and intrigued, and was glad we had notified him of this option. We ended our visit with him praising our HVAC services and telling us that he would certainly call us again if he needed more help.