Preventive or Preventative … Does it matter?

Preventive or Preventative … Does it matter?

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Let’s discuss Preventive Maintenance, but first…

Welcome to the Greater Charleston Area! Whether you are a native Charlestonian, a transplant for many years, or if you have just moved into the area, you will notice that we have something special here!

Spring flowers
Spring flowers

Yes, we live in a beautiful area! Yes, we have great beaches! Yes, we have great food! Yes, we have a lot of history! Yes, we have great activities for people of all ages! AND, YES, we have YELLOWISH GREEN SNOW (aka, pollen)falling everywhere! You are welcome! Please feel free to take in as much as you can handle, as it is all FREE! LOL!

In addition to adding many new wonderful people to our population, I am sure you have noticed a lot of different faces and a ton of new accents. We all have different ways of saying the same thing, even though the words are the same.

So the question is … do you say PRE-VEN-TIVE or PRE-VENT-A-TIVE? Either way, both are correct and both are clearly understood.

What the heck…

You may be asking… “What the heck does this have to do with air conditioning and heating?” Well, I am glad you asked! Whether you say preventive or preventative, the bottom line is that your air conditioner (ac), heat pump and furnace need maintenance. This is a hard time of the year for you ac system. In the morning, temperatures are lower and you may need a little heat to get you out of the warm bed you are sleeping. Then, the afternoon sun hits, and everything warms up. You start perspiring (glistening for our southern ladies…LOL) a bit, and you decide that “this is not working for me! I need some AC!!”. So now, you flip your ac system from heat to cool. And then the routine starts again. At least for a few more weeks… maybe a month or two.

Give the give of Preventive Maintenance…

Spring is a great time to give your air conditioning system(s) the gift of preventive (preventative) maintenance, and to give yourself a little peace of mind. A preventive maintenance check up will allow one of our professionally trained HVAC technicians to check your entire ac system over and to clean the coils. Not too big of a deal, right? That is incorrect, it is a big deal.

Preventative maintenance checks are critical for your ac. Just like preventive maintenance is for your automobiles. You wouldn’t drive your car, truck, or SUV for 100,000 miles without changing the oil or checking the other critical components of that vehicle. The same thought process needs to be applied to your ac.

Preventive maintenance allows a skilled HVAC technician to check critical components of your ac system. This helps to insure that you are getting the most out of your system. So, what does “getting the most out of your system mean?”

Get the most…

What does “getting the most out of your system mean?” Well, I am glad that you asked!!

Severely clogged coils!

It means:

? Getting the longest life out of your ac system
? Getting the most efficiency out for your ac system
? Saving money on electricity
? Helping to prevent break downs in the extremes of the season
? Increasing comfort in your home
? Keeping stress down
? Keeping irritability down by maintaining your ideal temperature
? Keeping work performance up due to a good nights sleep
? Reducing the cost of ownership of a system by repairing small problems before they become larger ones
? Being able to keep your windows and doors closed so that you don’t have to endure the “yellow snow”

Spring 2021 Preventive Maintenance Special… $79/system

All of this to say, Arctic Air has a Spring Special, just for you! Mention that you saw the $79 special for Preventive/Preventative Maintenance on the internet. We will send out one of our skilled hvac technician and have them go over your ac system and get it in tip top shape. You will be ready for the heat of Summer!

This was a RED MUSTANG… Now look at what the Yellow Snow has done! LOL!

Any issues that are found, will be reported to you and you will have the choice of how you would like to proceed. We are a service company and our goal is to maintain and keep your current ac system running. However, if it doesn’t make sense to make repairs, we can do system replacements with current, up-to-date, energy efficient equipment.

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