High Electric Bills? Uncomfortable home?

Overpaying the Electric and Gas Company is like burning your money.

Are high electric bills finding their way into your mailbox? Even worse, are those bills eating up the money in your checking account? Is your home uncomfortable? Do you have to always add a “shot” of freon to your ac system at the beginning of every season?

If you answered, “yes!” to any of the questions above, there is something that can be done, but there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution.

Wait a second…. what are we talking about here? Your AC System, heat pump and/or furnace. These “applicances” can eat up electricity if they are not properly maintained and serviced. Quit overpaying the electric company!

What Can You Do?

The real questions come down to “What can I do?” and “How can I to proceed?” This is pretty easy, though it can seem overwhelming… I would recommend moving forward by scheduling a preventive maintenance check. Let’s see what is going on with your current system. Is it low on refrigerant? Are there some issues with fans or blower motors? Weak capacitors or contactors? Is there another problem that may be zapping the efficiency of your ac? Is there something wrong with the duct work? Have a professional take a look.

This is why there isn’t a one size fits all. Your situation might be similar to someone else’s but we like to make sure the have the right solution specifically for you.

Walterboro AC maintenance

It is always a little scary to look at what it might take to get your ac system working properly. The good news is that we are here to help. We will walk with you through what can be done to make your home or business more comfortable, to help reduce electric bills, and to help with the decision making process by providing you an assessment of your ac system issues, and what it will take to resolve them.

If you decide that it makes sense, we can make the necessary repair, adjustments or recommendations to meet your objectives. Sometimes, a repair is the only thing that is necessary. Sometimes, the best option is to put in a new system.

Pro’s of installing a new system

Here are some of the pro’s of installing in a new system.

  • Better efficiency (uses less electricity)
  • Lower electric bills (less money for more comfort)
  • Higher level of comfort (better sleep)
  • Less likelihood of breakdowns
  • Peace of mind (especially during the extremes of summer and winter)
  • Rebates for qualifying systems (Dominion Electric Customers)
  • 10 year parts warranties (included at no extra cost by the manufacturer)
  • 10 year labor warranties (available at addition cost)

Need Financing for Repairs or New Equipment?

In addition, we are able to help with financing a new unit. We work with lenders that have several promotion programs to fit a variety of your financing objectives… some as low as 0% apr, if paid off within the terms of the promotion.

Check out our website page specifically concerning financing for your new ac unit or for repairs to your current system. Go to www.arcticairincsc.com/financing-options , then scroll down to the Synchrony Logo. There is a button that says “Apply Online”. This will take you to the secure Synchrony website. You can fill out the application there. Be sure to print out your approved status and new account number.

(If your credit was not approved, do not give up hope, as we have other options. Give us a call at the office 843-821-0937. Michael has an option for those with “not-so-good” credit.)

We are here to help!

If you need help with the financing page, or if you have questions, please give us a call at 843-821-0937. You can also request help at www.arcticairincsc.com/service-request.

So, no matter what your need(s) or questions are, give us a call. If we cannot help you, we will help direct you to someone who can.

Our goal is to be a service, a help and a blessing to our community!

Enjoy your day!