Things are heating up in Charleston SC!

Things are heating up!

Wow!  I cannot believe how busy that we have been.  I try to touch base with everyone via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ at least once a week.  We have definitely been busy, busy!

(I started writing this on Monday 4/14/14, and I am just now getting it finished on 4/18/14. I apologize for the delay.)

replace-this-unitIf your unit looks like this, it may be time to consider a replacement.  Currently, we have a PRESEASON SALE on replacement air conditioning and heating systems.  We have 4 unit installs set up for this coming week! We have definitely been blessed with work!

I would like to mention that selecting the right company to install your hvac system is very important!  Consumer Reports says, “Finding a trustworthy contractor to install and service an air-conditioning system matters the most.”Did you know that if a system is not properly installed that the life of the unit could be cut in half?

This is what happened to one of our customers.York air conditioner  She just bought her home a few months ago.  She had a home inspector come out and he gave the home a thumbs up.  Then, she started having issues with her system and called Arctic Air to come out and fix the problem. The hvac system in her home was 5 years old. Why would a big name a/c have holes in the evaporator coil? I would bet money on a bad installation.  Instead of fighting a losing battle, she decided to replace her old unit with a new YORK unit.  The YORK unit has been properly installed.

What do I mean by properly installed?  Glad you asked.  Here is what we do to properly install a unit… we will disconnect your current system and remove it from the premise.  We will provide a new system based on your needs (rated at a minimum of 13 SEER) to replace the old system. The new system will be set and soldiered into the line sets.  We will install drain pans, float switches, line driers and pressure test all connections with nitrogen. We will then remove the nitrogen and evacuate the system (by vacuum) to 350 microns. This removes any moisture, and non-condensables. Finally, we charge the system, and check for proper operation.

There are a lot of “the other guys” that will install a unit fast and cheap. I would recommend caution in using these “other guys” for a couple of reasons. You have to wonder how they are doing these jobs so cheap… which is easy to figure out.  They are either using inferior equipment, or they are cutting corners. If they are cutting corners, they must be leaving out steps and parts that are essential to a quality installation.

goodman installYou can have a job done GOOD, FAST or CHEAP … pick ANY two.  Bottom line is, if you settle for a cheap option, make sure that installation is done correctly.  The up front cost may be cheaper, but the long term cost could be devastating! Don’t fall victim to this ploy.

I am proud to say that Arctic Air does not cut corners.  Since 1993, we have had a A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).  We also carry all of the proper insurances.  (ie, Commercial Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation.)

Today, is Good Friday. I hope everyone is able to spend this Easter time with family and friends. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16