Happy New Year…

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Now on to the good stuff… Happy New Year Everyone!  I apologize for this being a little late.  I have been “a bit under the weather”, or you might also say “sick as a dog”!

fireworks 2014 is here and in full swing!  All of us now have a book of 365 pages that are blank and waiting to be filled.  This year we all have the chance to be better than we were last year, to accomplish something that we have never accomplished before, a chance to forgive the hurts of the past, an opportunity to create precious memories with the people we love, and a chance to make a positive impact on our friends, families and co-workers.

Sadly, there are many that will do the total opposite. But, guess what?  You cannot help that.  You can only control yourself.  Do not fret over the things that you cannot control.

So, I challenge each person who reads this, to work on accomplishing something that is positive and of value this year, and don’t let the nay-sayers get you down or hold you back.

journalTake a moment to write down what you would like to accomplish this year. Then, focus on those goals, and know that you can attain them.  It might not be easy, but not everything is.

What are some of your goals?  Write them down now.

May you be blessed in all that you seek to accomplish.  Happy New Year!