Full Service HVAC Work for a Prepared Customer

A homeowner called us for to see if we would be their HVAC contractor in Daniel Island. He was a local shop owner who does mechanical repairs on small motors, and his residential air conditioning unit had stopped functioning properly. He called us first for air conditioning repair. Our professional HVAC and air conditioning technician arrived at the home that same afternoon, because we understand how important it is to have the air conditioning working properly in the summer.

The HVAC and air conditioning specialist arrives quickly.

Daniel Island air conditioner repair was just part of our HVAC work at this houseThe homeowner asked us to take a look at his furnace too, knowing that the colder months were coming up. We of course took a look at his air conditioning unit first, and then looked at his furnace (which only needed to have the filter replaced). The technician started looking at the air conditioning unit, and it turned out that there was just a minor adjustment needed to be done to the AC unit. The technician made the adjustment, and the air conditioning unit began running smoothly once again. The technician went ahead and cleaned the AC unit completely so the homeowner wouldn’t have any more issues with it.

When the technician was finished, he explained to the homeowner what the problem was and that it was just a minor adjustment that needed to be made. The homeowner was very glad that he didn’t have to have the whole thing replaced. The homeowner kept thinking that the AC unit was needing to be replaced, and he was just thrilled to hear the good news that the technician had provided him. He thanked the technician for being honest. We were really grateful to get that feedback, because we believe homeowners get taken advantage of too often.

The homeowner must have been happy with the HVAC contractor services and air conditioning work our technician provided for him, because he called the office immediately after the technician left to thank us for sending a qualified and honest technician to his home to repair his air conditioning unit. He said the tech was very knowledgeable and saved him a ton of money. The homeowner also said he would only us as his HVAC company, because we came right out the same day he called us and the price was very affordable. We always enjoy hearing from our customers that are pleased with the work that our staff provides.