Fresh Installations Complete Overhauled Home

Recently we received a call from an Isle of Palms homeowner. The homeowner had just gotten major renovations done in their home and was wanting a central air conditioning unit installed before everything was finished. We scheduled a no-obligation consultation with the homeowner and our Isle of Palms HVAC experts arrived promptly as scheduled.

When we arrived at the home we first checked out the site for the new central air conditioning unit and let the homeowner know that some ducts might have to be installed. We explained to the homeowner that it was important to have these ducts installed, because it would dispense the cool air effectively. We then went over different AC units and the homeowner selected the one that she wanted. We got the estimate settled and the homeowner was quite happy that it was under her budget.

The HVAC and Air Conditioning was scheduled to be installed.

We arrived a few days later to air conditioning installation and associated HVAC work. We installed the new ducts, then the AC unit was installed. By the early afternoon, we had all of the heavy lifting done. The only task left was installing a new thermostat. The new thermostat would allow the homeowner to program her AC unit with ease.

The homeowner was very happy with her AC unit that we installed as part of the HVAC work in Isle of Palms we didWe showed the homeowner all the new ducts and the newly installed unit when we were finished, then showed her how easy it was to use the thermostat that we installed. She was very pleased with all of the work that we had provided for her. She said she was very happy to finally have a central air conditioning unit installed, so her entire home would be cool and comfortable. She had always used window units and her electric bill was outrageous.

We let her know that her new unit was energy efficient and that she would see a big difference with her utility costs in the coming months. The homeowner thanked us for doing a quick and affordable job for her. She said that she trusted us as her personal HVAC and air conditioning experts. We saved her a lot of stress and money, because we took the time to go over different units and prices to ensure she got the unit that would suit her home and her budget, which is always important to us.