Central AC Repair in Daniel Island Needs Arctic Air

Over the summer Arctic Air Inc was contacted by a homeowner in our area. The homeowner had central air conditioning installed a year ago, but didn’t check on it and ran it constantly throughout the year. This led to their outdoor unit malfunctioning, so she called the best Daniel Island AC repair service to come out and fix it for them, which was Arctic Air Inc.

The Arctic Air Inc technician arrived at the customer’s home and the homeowner showed him the AC unit. The technician looked over the unit and noticed that it was very dirty, so he cleaned the unit and added a new filter. Afterwards the technician went indoors to check the thermostat and there was a problem with it, so he replaced it with a new, programmable thermostat. The technician explained to the homeowner that the thermostat wasn’t operating properly, which caused the unit to run continuously, then he showed her how to set the new one so she could keep her home at a consistently comfortable temperature. The customer thanked the technician for fixing the problem so quickly and affordably. She told us that she wished she would have called us out sooner because the unit ran so much that her utility bill was through the roof. She doesn’t have to worry about that anymore thanks to Arctic Air Inc.