Butcher Expansion Possible thanks to Top Summerville Restaurant Refrigeration

A popular butcher in Summerville, South Carolina decided to expand his operations. His customers were all requesting sausage, other meats, and specialty items, but before he could expand he would need more walk-in cooler space to hold all the meats in. He currently didn’t have that space in his current cooler, so he devoted a section of his butcher space, and then he called the best company for restaurant refrigeration Summerville SC had to offer, Arctic Air, Inc.

The Arctic Air HVACR specialists arrived at the butcher’s location, and he walked our team into his cooler and where he wanted to expand it. He showed us exactly how he wanted it done, because he had really put a lot of thought and preparation into this. Our team understood his needs, and let him know that we were the restaurant refrigeration Summerville SC experts, because we have done this for other businesses as well. Once the contractor had finished the building and was ready for us, we went out and supplied the refrigeration. The cooler was successfully expanded, and business for the butcher is busier than ever. He is making all types of sausages and meats that his customers are really enjoying. Arctic Air Heating & Cooling is pleased that we could assist this customer in achieving another one of his goals with his expansion. We are the refrigeration company that all Summerville, South Carolina business owners contact for all their coolant needs.